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Joel Del Rosario

Coast to Coast

by Joel Del Rosario

Released 2011
Released 2011
Not your typical smooth jazz album, but a fresh take on jazz guitar with: clever melodies, 'get your feet on the dance floor' sexy grooves, and smooth dynamic guitar playing sure to get you wanting more, over and over again...
“His clean, polished guitar playing is in itself a force of nature” Kyrby Raine (Ink 19)

With a music career spanning over two decades, guitarist and songwriter, Joel Del Rosario has just about touched every genre of music from: Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Southern Gospel. Classically trained in Viola, Joel studied, performed, and was second chair in the San Francisco School of the Arts Orchestra. Though winning several competitions with the renowned SOTA orchestra, Joel felt the pull to venture into the world of jazz, which began his love affair with the genre and which would envelop a majority of his music career.

His passion for the guitar however was born from tragedy. Experiencing the loss of his mother through breast cancer at 11, Joel sought solace and peace through playing guitar. It was during those quiet moments in the dark: contemplating, practicing and developing an intimate relationship with his instrument that Joel developed his guitar voice.

Through the mentorship of Robyn Kazmarcyk, (and later Elroy Jones who taught guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan) Joel went on to pursue jazz fully and later received the Stan Getz Jazz Scholarship to attend the prestigious Stanford University Jazz camp during high school. Empowered by these positive experiences, Joel has gone on to work, write music for, and or co-write music for the following artists and record labels: Inline Records, Romantic Records, Classified Records, Ted Hammond, Saylah Flowz, and many others. He has self produced two albums “All Him” and “Calm In The Storm” encompassing jazz and smooth r&b with a positive message. In addition has also been featured on several periodicals and radio stations all around the world including: The Italian Smooth Jazz Channel, www.jazznet247.com, and Smoothjazz.com while his international fan base continues to grow.

Currently, Joel has just released his 3rd album "Coast to Coast" while his previous albums “All Him” and “Calm In the Storm” continue to be aired both nationally and internationally. He is on tour with gospel recording artist Saylah Flows and is also active in his community with the “Relay For Life” organization, which raises money towards cancer awareness and research.

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