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Joel Del Rosario

Calm in the Storm

by Joel Del Rosario

Released 2006
Released 2006
Warning: This CD is known to be so smooth and relaxing that it was reported to have been used to calm down pre-schoolers prior to nap time. However, JDR's "Calm in the Storm" is anything BUT boring. Very hip and catchy, it's a keeper.
Classically trained in viola but brought up listening to various groups such as George Benson, Earth Wind & Fire, and Stan Getz songwriter and musician Joel Del Rosario incorporates a wide range of influences into his music. Along with his love for guitar and songwriting, his strong spiritual beliefs continually inspire him create uplifting music with a message. His newest release "Calm In The Storm" follows that vein where smooth jazz and hope collide to encourage people of all ages to believe in miracles and move forward in the midst of their storms.

If you're constantly having to press forward on your CD remote and or changing CD's to get to your favorite tunes you no longer have to worry as this CD covers your favorite relaxing genres from bossa nova, motown, r&b, and smooth jazz.

Take a listen, sit back and enjoy the ride.