Joel Del Rosario

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by and hope all is well with you!  I am excited to announce several show dates coming up! Currently I have a few appearances with gospel rap artist: Saylah, and on July 25 at the C28 Christian Clothing Store (San Jose) I will be performing with him to introduce founder/CEO, Aurelio Barretto III!  I will also be joining Saylah July 9 at 'San Quentin Prison.  In terms of the "Coast to Coast" project, I will be returning as a part of this year's San Jose Jazz Festival, featuring the best in jazz August 13 at the Koji Sake Lounge!  Finally, I am working on booking a few shows in Vallejo and San Jose.  So this summer's looking to be a busy one!  

Thank you so much for stopping by and please tell your friends about my album "Coast to Coast" now available on iTunes and CD Baby! Hope to see you soon! -jDR