Joel Del Rosario

These past few weeks have been 'go go go' for me as I've been balancing shows and working on my upcoming project with keyboardist, Surewill.  Currently I had just completed a fantastic show with saxman, Dee Lucas and Surewill at Enotria's Wine Bar/Restaurant in Sacramento, CA a few weeks ago.  The turnout was awesome and it was a pleasure to meet my new friends and jazz lovers that I'm looking forward to networking with again!  Currently, I'm in the studio working on song #3 of the latest "Side by Side" project with Surewill and it seriously is sounding fantastic!  We are spanning the globe this time collecting sounds from areas that jump out to us.  You'll definitely get the "Smooth" on this album mixed with some 'guest artists' I'm excited to work with.  In the meantime, please stay tuned.  I will be reconnecting/performing with some friends September 29th at my old stomping grounds of "Paddy's Cafe" in Union City where I hope to see you!

In the meantime, take care!