Joel Del Rosario

Hello everyone, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to ALL my Arizona fans!  I had a wonderful time catching up with many of you and hanging out!  I had an awesome time performing with Neamen Lyles, Cal Harris Jr., and incredible musicians:  Jabari Kersey, Kent Stallard, & Mario Mendivil!  And it doesn't end there!  Upon arriving back home in San Francisco I was shocked to read that "Seattle" off my album "Coast to Coast" was the "#1 Most Increased Played Song" at: (jazz charts)!  And honestly, I've always wanted to make it in there and it's happening!  So I sincerely thank the radio stations out there that have been and have begun spinning my music.  It's truly an honor for you to support my music. 

Come May 19th I will be performing "live" at the 8th annual Asian Heritage Festival in my hometown of San Francisco where they will close several city blocks to celebrate this occasion!  I really do hope to see you there!  More info is available on the "Calendar" section of my site!  Til then, stay Jazzy!